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Bangkok International Dental Center is a award winning private dental center and only JCI USA approvel dental centre in Thailand for patient safety, quality, infection prevention and medical standards. With 7 storeys and 30 treatments rooms, 70 dentists and specialists - many of whom are certified from the USA, UK, Europe and Asia our world-class clinic has won many awards.


Bangkok International
Dental Center

Bangkok, Thailand

Thantakit International Dental Centre

Bangkok, Thailand

Thantakit is the longest established dental center in Thailand since 1945 and is Thailand's pioneer in Dental Implants since 1973. We are the First Thailand Dental Implant Center, employing 3-D Dental CT Scan for all dental implant cases. Our in-house dental laboratory is able to quickly deliver your dental works and we importantly cater to any adjustments prior to departing Thailand.


Yanhee International Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand


Yanhee International Hospital is a 400-bed general hospital whose tremendous local success in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery has propelled it into international recognition. The phenomenal rise in the number of foreign patients over the years not only reflects the burgeoning popularity of medical tourism but also testifies to the quality of the services Yanhee offers.

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